Lately I have been finding it odd to celebrate birthdays, it just feels as if it’s another day…

Another day into the next year of your time here on this planet..like some sort of door opening and leading you to a new chapter in a book

a story that is your life.

I find it odd how we measure life in years, what’s the purpose?

You progress in a lifetime based on the experiences and environment that shapes you, I feel. Numbers are just another label to pin on us

fit us into a category of where we should be in life.

It’s a scale that causes expectations and forms generalizations.

What would life be without age though? I suppose for policy and advancing in academia age is necessary, but why can’t we learn what we need to on our own accord? To understand the world around us and give back to the earth…to better all sentient beings and the environment.

Because people are lazy and selfish, no? I wonder if it’d be possible to have a world where everyone actively contributes to improving our surroundings and each other.

Dream world?

Why does age matter in a world where we’re all going to die anyway? It could happen at any point, based on your health

or misfortune I suppose.

I just turned 23. Nothing feels different.

I am excited though,

to continue this grand and peculiar journey of life into the unknown..


For my birthday, I did exactly what I wanted to. I went on a bike ride, cooked to good music the entire day, various appetizers and concoctions to share with my friends later that evening. I went on a run then savored some coffee, which I generally do not do but I am starting to quite enjoy it lately.



Now for the recipes of the evening:

+Rosemary and vanilla honey roasted peanuts with olive oil and himalayan salt



+Himalayan salt goat cheese stuffed dates with walnuts, honey and thyme




+Salted Coconut Almond Macaroons:



+Asian Marinated Cucumbers:



+Spicy Balsamic Roasted Tomato Hummus:




+Brie, apple, rosemary crostini with honey drizzle

I made my own crostini using a multigrain baguette. Brush some olive oil and a dash of coconut palm sugar on the toasts, then toast.

Not pictured, sorry!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I only was able to get a picture via phone and it was very subpar so I will not put it on my site. The above pictures are not my best work either, but they will do for this post.


For the cocktail:

+Mint and blueberry muddled bourbon with rosemary simple syrup


-Muddle locally picked mint and blueberries, favorite bourbon, ginger beer (preferably one with no HFCS or preservatives), squeeze of lemon and rosemary simple.

I made the simple syrup myself.

So easy to make, you can do any herb.

Let me know if you want any specific recipes.

The evening turned out exactly how I could have wanted it. A gathering with few, close friends and spontaneous successive events throughout the night.


What do you enjoy eating or doing on your special day? Thoughts on the importance or lack-thereof in regard to birthday celebrations?


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  1. Lionel

    Very good read. Those snacks looked like they were on point.