A simple syrup to complement your favorite cocktail concoction.

I used coconut palm sugar to achieve a toasty, caramel flavor.

Pairing suggestion: Bulleit Bourbon, ginger beer, a splash of grapefruit juice and a dash of orange bitters.

Garnish with the candied sage byproduct if you so please.




1 C water

1 C coconut palm sugar

~1/2 C fresh sage leaves, torn into pieces



Place water and sugar in a small sauce pan

Heat to just under a boil on medium heat until sugar dissolves, stirring as necessary

Mix in torn sage leaves and turn off heat

Let sage steep for at least 15 minutes, while letting mixture cool to room temperature

Strain out sage*, simultaneously pour into mason jar or other air-tight container

Store in fridge


*If your sage becomes slightly thick and sugar coated, let it dry on parchment paper and it’ll crystallize. Use as garnish or nibbles as you wish.

Drink up my friends