This concoction has been my go-to drink lately. Refreshing, low sugar, botanical. I love the effervescence from the champagne and kombucha coupled with the subtle spice from the cardamom, sweet floral St. Germain, and tart berries.

St. Germain and dry sparkling wine on its own is lovely, but the addition of herbaceous kombucha and cardamom is my current favorite for a cocktail to unwind or start the night.

I tried various sparkling wines and found the less sweet ones complemented the cocktail best. Ultimately it comes down to preference, but sticking to a brut or extra-dry Cava or Champagne can prevent cloyed senses. Choose a brut for a bit drier cocktail, extra-dry for a bit sweeter.

Botanical flavored kombuchas are ideal; my favorites being lavender, ginger hibiscus, ginger, and ginger berry.  Stick to these flavors and similar. I tried out strawberry kombucha and would not recommend. For brands, GT’s Kombucha provided the most distinctive flavor and I would recommend since not much kombucha is really added. Choose the original version, rather than “enlightened,” when possible. Feel free to sub your favorite botanical kombucha as well if you are familiar with its taste attributes.



Per one drink:


Cava/Champagne (brut or extra-dry), chilled

2-5 tsp St. Germain elderflower liqueur

Kombucha (GT’s brand recommended; ginger hibiscus, lavender, ginger, or ginger berry)

1-2 dashes ground cardamom

handful blueberries or strawberries




I don’t measure anything because depending on the sweetness I am craving, I’ll adjust ingredients, but here’s my best at quantifying.

Take your coupe and place 2-5 teaspoons of St. Germain (more=sweeter), followed by 1-2 dashes of cardamom (depends on your preference; start with one).

Pour champagne or cava until the glass is 3/4th of the way filled. Then top it off with a good splash of kombucha. Taste and add another dash of cardamom and more kombucha if you’d like.

Add a few blueberries or strawberries in glass or along rim

Enjoy xx