Another collaboration with Windy City Organics, this time Rawmio’s latest fall line of sprouted nuts and dried fruits drenched in luscious cacao.

All that you are left with is the lingering taste of bitter chocolate (my favorite) and a nutty crunch or sweet chewy center..

I loved Rawmio’s line because it presents as an elegant version of chocolate covered bites with minimal sugar added. I love bitter cacao and dark chocolate for special treats received on occasions, or just because, but the high amounts of added sugar and other processed ingredients of commercial chocolate products just ruins the appeal (for me). When I eat these treats I am able to taste each ingredient and don’t feel the need to overindulge. Each bite is savored and appreciated. Piece by piece..

Rawmio’s Peruvian 70% raw dark chocolate is comprised of raw cacao nibs, coconut sugar, and raw cacao butter.

You will find Rawmio’s products that I received below. Note, I received product in exchange for my honest review. I was not compensated for my time.

The descriptions are fairly minimal like the ingredients..as you will find, sometimes that says enough.

Dark chocolate covered sprouted hazelnuts:

I am not sure that these even need an explanation. Dark chocolate and hazelnuts, basically minimalist food porn.

  • Ingredients: Peruvian raw chocolate, sprouted Italian raw hazelnuts


Dark chocolate sprouted almonds

It is common to find me snacking on a spoonful of almond butter and nibs, this is a compact alternative.

  • Ingredients: Peruvian raw chocolate, sprouted raw almonds, raw cacao powder



Dark chocolate covered dried cherries

I grew up with cherry cordials attending almost every celebratory event, so these hold some sentimental value, except now I don’t feel the need to eat the entire box in one sitting…maybe.

A few of these here and there..a lovely surprise in a homemade trail mix..

  • Ingredients: Peruvian raw chocolate, sweet cherries, cacao powder


dark Chocolate covered raisins

Photobombed by the choc cherries. Another childhood favorite turned into sexy snack. Raisins are so sweet on their own, it’s complementary to have that dark chocolate coating.

  • Ingredients: Peruvian raw chocolate, golden raisins



Dark chocolate covered macaroons

For the coconut and chocolate lovers out there..

  • Ingredients: Peruvian raw chocolate, coconut flakes


Dark chocolate covered mission figs

The figs have such a personality, look at them in the photo. They were also very tasty, each and every one of them. These were a good snack before my run.

  • Ingredients: Peruvian raw chocolate, sun dried black mission figs



Here is a coupon code for you to indulge yourself in some of these chocolate dipped treats. Let me know which ones you try, and what you liked most about the flavors.

Code: RARNP20

To be used at RawGuru for 20% off all of the new Rawmio chocolate covered treats.


Enjoy xx