Probiotic chocolate hearts:

Raw Cacao Nibs, Coconut Sugar, Raw Yacon Root Powder, Raw Cacao Butter, Raw Vanilla Bean, Live Probiotic Blend of L. acidophilus, B. bifidum, B. lactis, B. longum.

Little chocolate hearts containing 3 billion CFUs per serving.

Look at the ingredients. These are chocolates I’d look forward to eating and with the added probiotics,

I think I’m in love.

Windy City Organics contacted me to do a product review and after doing further research I had suggested doing a review for Sunbiotics.

Sunbiotics integrates probiotics with nutritious ingredients to form chocolates and almonds, which I find to be so creative.

They offer the following:

Probiotic chocolate hearts (featured above). This product is marketed toward children, which is a great idea if you’re wanting to incorporate probiotics into your child’s diet. I like how probiotics are featured in a beneficial way, a beautiful little heart to enjoy and do your body good, rather than a dull white pill. I feel these would be great for adults too, to enjoy a small piece of chocolate in the evening and receive 3 billion CFUs. Chocolates are made of organic ingredients and are vegan.


Probiotic Chocolate Bar



Each bite made me crave more

dark chocolate dancing on my tastebuds

I luved this. I actually just finished eating the bar right now. The texture was great, had a nice thickness and bite to it. Flavor was good too, did not taste super sweet or candy-esque. I tend to not finish eating certain chocolates if they taste too sugary. This bar has 7g of sugar from coconut sugar. I felt satisfied after eating this bar, cravings not completely taking over (keyword completely). 10 billion probiotics in each bar. Oh yeah. I would totally go for this as a dessert option. I know I wouldn’t feel guilty after consuming this chocolate bar, and the added probiotics makes Bridget a happy girl.


-Sprouted almonds with 8 billion CFUs per package. Four flavors.

The texture of these nuts are great, super crunchy and fresh tasting. Sunbiotics sprouts raw and organic almonds then dry ’em via a low-temp method.



I was super stoked to see a truffle flavor, as truffle anything is one of my favorite scents/tastes. The flavor was light, but paired well with the overall almond taste and texture. In general I found all these flavored nuts to have a subtle flavor, which I actually enjoyed a lot. Sometimes flavored nuts or other food products are too strong/artificial. This tasted healthy, my favorite. Very complementing.



I love nooch. I eat nooch by itself, by the spoonful.

I made up a haiku to signify my appreciation for nooch.

Nutritional yeast

All up in my gums and teeth

I can’t get enough

For this to be a flavor was lovely, thank you.






When is almond + cacao a bad combo? Never in my opinion.

As I had mentioned previously, the flavor was delicate for these almonds but spot on. Ever feel like eating something chocolatey but don’t want the all the sugar or decadence? These almonds did the job. A light dusted cacao flavor and crunchy almond snack done well.




Ok, original flavor i.e. plain. I loved these because they are what they are. Almonds being almonds. Not almonds being jalapeño bbq american explosion, etc. These highlighted the superb texture and almond essentials. I am reminded of the health benefits of almonds when I take a bite.

Probiotic Powder


Sunbiotics also produces a line of probiotic powders containing organic and raw yacon, vanilla + mesquite powders. I received the vanilla flavor (20 billion CFUs), but they also have banana and apple flavor for the children, 5 billion CFUs. I enjoy how one can adjust the dosage of probiotics with a powder. You can increase the amount for your body to adjust, and go lighter on certain days if you feel you need less. I’ve been adding this to my homemade granola and almond milk, but you could add it to anything really, provided cool temperature as heat will destroy the probiotics. Smoothies would be a good idea too. I notice probiotics really help when I’m stressed or have crazy schedules from school/work. Definitely thankful to have this jar around to consume as needed.


Overall, I was very appreciative to have been able to test out these healthy treats with added probiotics. I’d recommend Sunbiotics to those wanting to incorporate probiotics into their diet in a creatively healthy way.



  1. Meghan

    I am a vegan, and I love it. However, I had surgery about a year ago and ever since, I’ve experienced severe bloating and abdominal pain whenever I eat. Do you think a probiotic would remedy the situation? Especially ones as appealing as these!

    • From what I learned in my medical nutrition therapy class is that bloating/abdominal pain can be a symptom for a number of things. I’d go ask your physician or a Registered Dietitian if I were you.
      Personally speaking, when I was a vegan about two years ago I had the same symptoms as you and it was because I wasn’t eating the correct levels of macronutrients (fat, carbs, protein). I was eating too many carbs, especially fruit, not enough fat or protein. No way that worked for me…