Yes all, go veg. Yesterday was Central Florida’s VegFest! To which I helped out and volunteered for this lovely vegetarian festival.

A bunch of local vendors of vegetarian, vegan, and raw friendly food and products filled Orlando Festival Park on a cloudy and breezy wonderful Saturday. Along with the food and product vendors, cooking demonstrations, speakers, live music, and various animal adoptions were present. Fun for all ages, for real!

I volunteered to help out with the cooking demos, event photography, as well as event breakdown. So many wonderful goodies were handed out..This was seriously like Halloween to me, trick-or-treating for gluten free, raw, and vegan goodies! asdjflxz. Not to mention the spectacular vegan food, green smoothies, and raw macaroons all over! It was great to see the beautiful faces of the people I knew around the fest and new friends that I met too. It was a little bit of heaven…

Speaking of heaven, how about some raw brownies?!

Brought to you by Adam from Camp Rawnora. He gave me a bag of his Raw, GF, and Vegan Pumpkin Seed Brittle for helping him out! Looks divine, can’t wait to devour.

Some of his Kale chips and crackers..


Another lovely raw food chef..Friendly smiles all over

Various food from other cooking demonstrations:

Green beans, sprouted spelt, and fresh heirloom tomatoes (added in later). So amazing.

On to a beautiful organization, Food Not Bombs. They made some of my favorite food at VegFest. Mushroom Truffled grits omg fantastic. Definitely going to be helping them out in the future..

These are the spectacular grits..Not most appetizing pic, but just the thought of this makes my mouth water..Argh my love for truffle oil shall never cease…

Chocolate (left) and cheescake (right) cupcakes, all vegan!!

Rawr! Raw cookies had these amazing organic dehydrated cookies, gah give me more!!!

Ok, I need to say how good these were..I took a bite and had to stop and immediately take a picture to showcase this wonderful flavor combination going on..Chocolate Almond Cherry from SunMix Oat Bar

Some other random wonderful vendors

Coconut Bliss delicious vegan ice cream! The chocolate walnut brownie, mocha maca crunch, and chocolate hazelnut fudge were all divine.

Delicious Thai Coconut!! Love fresh coconut water/meat, can’t beat it..

Ocarina man..Pretty neat!

 Oh yes and some gorgeous vegan cupcakes from Raphsodic Bakery.

Now don’t you think I forgot about the awesome little creatures..

Adopt rescue doggies plz!!

Local is swell, go out and support your local produce farms, vendors, shops, and businesses! Especially the veg./vegan ones :)

Thanks CF VegFest for putting on this beautiful day of veggie filled entertainment, cannot wait till the next fest..



  1. Wow!! What FUN!! I’m so used to going to events like these and not being able to eat a thing cuz it’s all meaty and fried and awful. Good for you for helping out, too!

  2. Charlie

    Fun pix! Thanks for the great writeup.

  3. Jackie

    Looks like you had a great day! Maybe you’ll have your own booth there one day ;)

  4. Kai

    Wow! I am so jealous! That looks like so much fun, and what cute doggies and pigs.

    My area is so boring where I live. Everyone is all about their stupid hunting. Dumb hicks.

    I don’t even know where the closest veg resteraunt even is!

    So glad to know that there are actually fun things like this in our world!

    • Kai

      Oooh Forgot to add!

      The animals remind me of why I would never want to go to an animal shelter cause I’d be wanting to adopt each and every one of them! Literally!

      Although I guess that’s where I’d want to get my first pet anyhow. Man, I can’t imagine how I’ll ever be able to just adopt one.

      • They are pretty darn cute and tempting :). I’m glad you’re wanting to adopt! So many people want pure bred pups so it’s nice to be able to help out when applicable. My first dog will definitely be a rescue dog..

  5. I loved all the pictures, they are so beautiful and yummy! But admittedly the piggy one was my best ^^