I’ve noticed lately that with each new recipe or food combination I make, I think about one day making this for someone and whether or not they’ll like it. I get inspiration from the unknown future of an unknown human being..A fantasy of the future for motivation. Well, whatever works I suppose..

This pasta I made today, oh lawd so splendid. So proud of this very comforting yet nutritious pasta.

Very simple too. Take your pasta, add in some sauce, mashed avocado, nutritional yeast and spices. That’s it! So creamy and tasty. Nutritional yeast has a sorta cheesy taste to it and it pairs well with the tomato sauce and creamy avocado. If you do not have the tomato sauce, feel free to simply add avocado to your pasta of choice with some spices…I’ve done cajun before. A very yummy, creamy, and spicy, pasta.

Moving on, tonight is the Orionid meteor shower. Hopefully around 12am-4am I possibly will be able to see it. Unfortunately Orlando has provided me no luck with such spectacles in the past. Perhaps I am simply unaware of the proper peculiar places to see these showers. Next time I’m going to plan better, find a good spot to lay down and watch this feat. A bit far-fetched, but if anyone in Orlando/FL is reading my blog and has suggestions, please do let me know.

Any of you guys in the outside regions of FL who saw it?

The last time I saw something so beautiful was in Israel in the Negev Desert. Camped out and slept under the night sky and all the stars were out. I even saw a few shooting stars, such a wondrous time.

And note to self, getting a chia pet one day. Why not?!! Remember those things?…


Serves: 1-2

8oz brown rice pasta (any pasta will do really)

1-2 cups kale or other favorite green

1 ripe small avocado

~1/2-1 cup favorite tomato sauce (your preference) or make your own!

3-4 tbsp nutritional yeast (optional, but for cheesy taste + nutrients I recommend)

fresh garlic cloves

red pepper flakes, ground black pepper, fresh basil (optional)


Cook pasta according to directions.

Drain and add back to pot. Add in raw kale leaves. Stir around in the hot pasta until it wilts a bit. Quick way to cook your kale, yet preserve nutrients!

Then add in garlic cloves, sauce and spices and stir. Add in mashed avocado and stir until creamy and avocado is all mixed in. Finally, add in nutritional yeast. Stir.

Eat and enjoy.

I ate all of this, ha. Proud, but typically this could make a good two servings/side dish. Plus it’d be more fun to share with someone anyways…



  1. Oops, somehow I hit enter and fired off – perhaps – a blank comment! Anyway…pasta looks lovely and creamy. Great idea to add avocado, which improves just about everything it touches.