The color is gorgeous.

I’ve been making this every day for the past week and I feel so refreshed.

I tend to vary the ingredients depending on what I have, but this has been the staple smoothie base I’ve been using. Sometimes I’ll add some blueberries if I have and yesterday I added in some strawberries that I recently froze. Frozen fruit is great in here too, especially bananas.

I used vanilla unsweetened almond milk and it tasted like a dessert. Any vanilla non-dairy milk will do, or simply add a little vanilla extract.

On another note, my juicer and eco-friendly reusable water bottle comes in today!!! Cannot wait woo. (Will post pictures later, of course)

For those of you sans juicer, this smoothie is made in a blender or food processor (that’s what I’ve been using). Another benefit of using blenders/FP is that it preserves the entire piece of produce. The pulp is left intact as is the fiber to keep you feeling full. I will still be using my FP to make smoothies along with my juicer. Benefits to both.



1/2 mango

1/2 banana

few large handfuls of kale

2-3 tsp freshly grated ginger

1/2 -1 cup non-dairy milk (use more or less for preference)

2 tbsp hemp seeds (optional)

few springs of cilantro (optional)


Add all ingredients into preferred blending device and blend well! That’s it really. Drink up.



  1. what a refreshing smoothie! i love that one of ingredients is mango. mango just makes everything have a summery, tropical taste! i

  2. Samantha

    Hmm, I’ve never had a green smoothie but I think I might give this a shot!

  3. Celeste

    I want to make this amazing smoothie for my sister to show her the life of real food isn’t bad, but she is allergic to mangos. Can I substitute strawberries for mango? About how many would I need?

    • Of course! You may use most types of fruit here. Use about 1 cup or really just how much or as little as you would like. I hope you and your sister enjoy, let me know :)