Flavor profile: dark chocolate, coffee, cardamom, sweetness from dates and vanilla, salt

Nutritional profile: high in monounsaturated fat; nutritious fats and carbohydrates for energy needed at rest and during intense physical activity | fiber, potassium, iron | concentrated caloric snack | caffeine

Suitable for various morbidities: diabetes (recommend carb counting for individual needs), chronic kidney disease/kidney failure (monitor potassium and phosphorus; nuts/dates/chocolate; be mindful of sodium), cardiovascular disease (modify salt for specific daily intake requirements), obesity/weight management (emphasis on portion control; weigh out and individually package servings in advance).

Suitable for various dinner parties too ;)

Registered Dietitian approved, nutrition facts posted below


+ ingredients:

250g medjool dates

255g unsalted, roasted macadamia nuts*

40g chopped dark chocolate (I used 86% cocoa; Vanini)

3 tbsp cacao nibs

1 tbsp ground coffee (freshly ground and medium or dark roast; avoid sour/acid notes if possible; I used a medium grind)

1/8-1/2 tsp himalayan salt

1/16 tsp ground cardamom

1/2 tsp vanilla extract (no corn syrup added)


+ directions:

*For the nuts, I’d recommend purchasing raw and roasting yourself. If you cannot find, you may use roasted nuts, but adjust/reduce added salt in recipe, as it may no longer need. Make sure the nuts aren’t rancid when purchased in store. If they smell or taste off, like paint, do not use and find alternative source.

Place raw macadamia nuts on baking sheet lined with parchment paper and roast in oven. Place the baking sheet on a higher oven rack to avoid burning. I roasted a large batch of nuts during this time, so your baking time may vary from mine. I did at 325 F for about 10 minutes.  I’d recommend checking around 8 minutes and going from there. The nuts will be fragrant and lightly tan, as well as continue to cook once out of oven so be careful to not over cook or you will waste $$$..Been there done that.

Let nuts cool once out of oven.

Place nuts and dates in food processor and process until food particles are formed; nuts and dates will be chopped and mixed.

Add salt (start with 1/4 tsp), cardamom, coffee, and vanilla and process a few times until thoroughly mixed. Adjust spices to taste.

Add nibs and chopped dark chocolate and pulse to incorporate and blend all ingredients together.

Place mixture in air tight glass container (compact the mixture) and store in fridge. Cut into bars.

Store in fridge, for long time. Most likely you will eat these before they go bad. I’ve kept them for several weeks in fridge, which was unusual, but likely due to making a large batch and having seldom self-control. Keeping them in fridge helps with preservation as well as keeping oils together, but you can definitely keep these out of fridge when you’re using as snacks throughout the day. No harm to health. The flavors improve over time; portion control, be mindful.


If you’re in the Gainesville area and are interested in placing a custom energy bar order, please contact me for further inquiries.

Per batch of 10 servings: