I’m sitting on the floor of what will soon be only a memory of the past two years. A collection of laughter, solo dance parties, endless nights of studying, and various connections formed as time seemed to last forever in the moments under the moonlit sky.

A bittersweet theme seems to have enveloped my life lately.

I’ve watched the days on the calendar slowly approach my last few baking shifts at Volta..the nostalgia has already set upon me, for I know the interactions and experiences that I gained are quickly becoming only memories. The thought of leaving has me at a loss. I could’ve never imagined how much I would have grown into the position, and how much I would have learned. I’ve been appreciating every action and step I take in that shop, for soon I’ll be missing it from over 500 miles away. It’s hard to leave that which you’ve grown so much from, but I suppose that only means there is more out there for me to explore and uncover.

I couldn’t have asked for more in these past two years from a city. I’ll miss every smile from all who I came to love, and all of the sunny afternoons at the springs, to the evenings downtown, where playful happenings and hilarious mistakes/opportunities have occurred. I feel my youth is ever so fleeting..

The spontaneity, laughter, and immaturity, Gainesville I will forever love you.

I can’t quite put my finger on what I’m longing for. I feel as if I’m focusing so much on my future move while reminiscing on the past two years that I’m making no time for the present. A state of limbo I suppose. It’s hard to articulate my thoughts and emotions lately. Does it even really matter though? What’s there to hold on to when I can barely even keep up with the time that’s passing..

I can hear the booms of the fireworks (that is the noise fireworks make), as I sit here on this pillow writing this blog post. It is July 4th. Next year this time I should be a Registered Dietitian.

and hopefully have a tattoo.

Well, I had a birthday June 24th. 24 on the 24th. I made some food for friends and had leftover wonton wrappers and goat cheese. I bought a seminole pumpkin and sage from the farmer’s market and

I made these wontons. They are filled with the herb that has provided me with many good memories, as well as the vibrance of what’s left of this summer’s produce. An accompaniment of goat cheese brings the flavors all together, as well as providing the fat source to absorb the vitamin A from the pumpkin.


There’s something magical about the sage at the farms around here. The scent, the texture, is exquisite.

I love crumbling the dried leaves between my fingers

the sound so delicate

the scent lingers



-wonton wrappers (I used Nasoya brand, decently high in protein for a pasta product with some added minerals)

-seminole pumpkin, roasted and cooled

-fresh/dried sage leaves

-goat cheese log



-roast pumpkin

-mash roasted pumpkin and goat cheese together in a bowl, leaving as big of chunks of goat cheese as you’d like

-place a little bit of filling in center of wonton. Too much filling will cause the wonton wrapper to break, believe me I tried to put in a ton of filling.

-crumble sage on top, as much as you’d like. Alternatively, you could mix the sage in with the chevre/pumpkin filling if you wish

-You could also add some salt if you’d like, I felt it didn’t need

-follow directions on wonton package for folding/adding water to corners

-steam wontons until soft

-eat, share





  1. Sheri

    Happy belated Birthday and Happy 4th to you! Good luck with your move and new adventure! I was your age when I did a big move 35 years ago! I can put it on the list of “The Best Things I Did” in my life! Can’t wait to try your Wontons and I look forward to your blog post sharing your new home and experiences! Cheers & God Bless!

    • Much thanks Sheri. Where was your big move to? I’m super excited and for sure feel like this is the next step that I should be doing in my journey :)
      I appreciate the sweet words, I’ll definitely be sharing what North Carolina has to offer on the blog! Especially the progress of my garden..

      • Sheri

        Hi Bridget, I was born & raised in California and while a student on break I traveled to Washington State just after Mt. Saint Helen’s erupted. I feel in love with the area just south/west of Bellingham called The San Juan Islands. I live on Fidalgo Island. What really sealed the deal was walking through the channel side town of La Conner and smelling fresh caught Salmon cooking over an open pit of alder & apple wood, boiling with butter, onion, garlic and sliced lemons! It had me at the first “Whiff!”

        • Wow all of those places are gorgeous, that sounds like a dream. I often say I will live in the place that is surrounded by the most fresh and delicious food. That salmon sounds amazing