I wish you could snatch a taste,

bring your finger right up to the screen and take a sample.

Savor the


The rustling of the cracked skins

the separation,

naked spherical substance crawls between the teeth.

the dull edges of tan and brown shatter…

Snatched, transferred, pulverized.


A swirl of the jagged edges

Now to taste…

silky, cocoa, maple

liquid silky chocolate, in nut form.


A spoon of “craft nut butter” (that is hilarious) to celebrate all that this semester has required of me. It’s the end of the semester. My last semester, I graduate May 1st. I find out if I get a dietetic internship April 12th, which is so soon as well.

I have never worked so hard and given up so much for a goal that I’ve desired so badly. It’s as if life has to test us constantly to make sure we are confident with our aspirations and life path. The journey to becoming a Registered Dietitian has positively reinforced me at each step that this was the best decision I could have made. It was definitely not easy, but I mean in regard to how I experienced so much personal growth (from the good and most def. bad) and discovery from pursuing a life of studying nutrition and food. I feel really lucky, to have been able to receive an education, specifically second bachelor’s degree, for a subject that I’m truly passionate about. I mean, life is a game right? I suppose I just stumbled upon the right card? Or maybe I had innate determination to make something out of myself, which is perhaps what keeps me grounded during my 18 credit semester.

I feel like the semester produces a different Bridget. A Bridget that has to accomplish tasks, get stuff done, and not focus on growth outside of learning and maintaining academic achievements and deadlines. I don’t mean to complain, I’m just pointing out the inconsistencies in my character that I’ve acknowledged throughout each semester due to my status as a student. I’m proud of my dedication, but I am intrigued by the adaptations of my personality when my well-being is affected and I am chronically exhausted. This makes me understand how crucial it is to create a positive well-being for oneself, as a stressful environment can shift one’s thoughts and emotions…sometimes even unknowingly, which is the scary part. I am thankful that I can acknowledge my current stressed state as inconsistent with who I truly am, and that it will be over soon. In the meantime, I’ve decided that immersing myself in solitude (not like I even have time for that though) is the best remedy, as I hate subjecting others to my stressed and unstable mindset, as well as I am able to remember what I’ve become, who I am, and what truly matters and that all of the assignments and exams and bullshit busy work will make my end goal as a Registered Dietitian so much more rewarding.

I am so appreciative of all of the interactions and friendships I’ve made with the humans of Gainesville from my time living here, how that has shaped me, as well as the experiences that have influenced me for the better, for future growth. It has taken a lot to suppress relationship development and emotional connections with friends and individuals throughout the semester, because of how much my career means to me, but I can’t have everything all the time. I feel as if I would regret more not being able to immerse myself in dietetic knowledge, to prepare for my profession as an RD…

I noticed lately I have been projecting myself into the future, looking back on these stressful moments, sleepless nights studying for quiz after quiz, exam after exam, in my undergrad career and well,


Time slips by too quickly to let negative emotions linger with such precedence.

Appreciation is heightened with a little sweat..

Moving forward, it’s been a minute since I’ve posted. I miss the clicking of the camera, I miss sharing my thoughts and recipes with you guys…

Lately, my love for making nut butters.

crafting the perfect blend..

I made this nut butter for a friend, and the nut combination inspired a blog post.

There was also a recall on walnuts, which lead to the purchase of hazelnuts. Maybe inspirational recall I suppose. Thanks for the salmonella, life.

Nut butters are quite simple, yet require careful consideration in regard to flavor pairings and processing. I buy my nuts raw, then I roast them. There are varying degrees of roasting in nuts, each level imparts corresponding sensory characteristics…physical appearance, taste, smell, texture.

In this blend, the rich chocolate flavors of the hazelnuts match quite well with the almond’s roasted sweetness and pecan’s toasted maple essences. I view this as a dessert nut butter, even with no sugar or chocolate added. One of my favorites so far, the other maybe I’ll share in another post.

My favorite is consuming this with rose petal jam and cacao nibs…my heart beats a little faster.



I didn’t measure these, so I have listed the nuts in order of weight in the overall product..majority hazelnuts, then almonds, the least was pecans. Feel free to switch around the ratios. I would suggest still using majority hazelnuts if you want the roasted chocolate attributes.




food processor



If the nuts are raw, roast them at 350 degrees F for about 9-15 minutes, or until your roasted preference is achieved. You will start to smell them and they will start to turn a darker shade. They will also continue roasting once out of the oven and during the cooling process, so make sure to not over roast them.

Place cooled nuts in food processor and blend until smooth. If you want a CRUNCHY NUT BUTTA then reserve about 1/4 of the nuts, and add them in when the other 3/4 nuts have been blended until smooth. Pulse the additional 1/4 nuts in until slightly chopped up but not completely smooth.

Store in air-tight container or jar. I’d place this in the fridge, unless you are going to consume the entire amount within a week or two. Unsaturated fats are not that stable, so they are more susceptible to becoming rancid. A lower temperature, as in a refrigerator, will slow down rancidity.

enjoy xx

I love you guys.


Anyone else sharing similar life situations or discovering their own life path, specifically regarding the difficulties/achievements along the way? Feel free to share in the comments below, I’d love to hear ’em.

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  1. Mom

    I love you. And I’m very proud of you. You are beautiful and awesome and super intelligent