Another partnership has been created with Windy City Organics to review the Rawmio line of organic stone ground chocolate bark, as well as the cacao hazelnut spread.

I am delighted to host Rawmio on my site and be able to sample these delicious and health conscious chocolate bars, as well as share this discovery with my readers.

Rawmio focuses on quality and the time that it takes to craft products with real ingredients, which nicely balances uniqueness and taste.

Looking at the nutrition content, one thing that stood out to me was the fiber content of these bars, each varying from 5-7g per bar. Sugar content ranged from 7-8g per serving, protein: 3g, as well as total fat content: 6-7g per serving. I was happy with the overall balanced nutrition for this chocolate. I am really not partial to super sweet treats, but I liked these bars because they satisfied my sweet tooth while not being too sugary. They allowed me to maintain control when I did decide to indulge, and more importantly without making me feel guilty afterward. It’s hard for me now to enjoy consuming treats with a high sugar content, as they make me feel really tired and I have a hard time focusing, really I feel just overall useless. Eating the serving size of Rawmio chocolate barks did not give me that feeling at all. This is what consuming small amounts of high quality chocolate should feel like, in my opinion.

Rawmio is handcrafted in the USA and is “produced in a raw, vegan, and certified organic facility, which processes tree nuts and seeds, but no aflatoxin peanuts, soy, gluten, or dairy.”

I would say Rawmio would make a great chocolate gift for the health conscious over the holiday season. Sometimes friends or family may give me boxed chocolates, which is still super gracious, but I know that there are individuals out there similar to me, who would prefer to consume healthier chocolate products rather than the ones with all sorts of odd additives for ingredients.

If you appreciate the taste of raw chocolate sweetened with coconut palm sugar that incorporates fine ingredients, then I’d say Rawmio should be on your list of what to try next.

Below I reviewed each chocolate bar and hazelnut spread that I received to host this review, to hopefully give you an idea of which chocolate bark will please your preferences.



Active Superfood:

I loved the balance of the bitter cacao nibs with sweet and tart mulberries. the crunch of the chia added nice texture. I got a sort of malt-y taste from the combination of mulberries and palm sugar, so good. I was intrigued by the ingredients that were put into this bar, as well as the flavors that were associated. Some of the unique ingredients include: mulberries, chia seeds, raw mushroom blend of chaga, reishi, cordyceps, lion’s mane, maca powder, and sprouted red clover.



Hazelnut & Fig:

Oh man this one was too good. I love chocolate and fruit. this reminded me of sophisticated rasinets, which I used to love as a child. The coconut sweetened nibs were divine, I think this was my favorite bar.




Sour Cherry and Almond:

Again, loved the chocolate and fruit combo. Sorta reminded me of cherry cordials, but healthier. The flavors were all really balanced, tart cherries, coconut sugar sweetened cacao nibs, and bittersweet chocolate.



Sprouted Cereal:

This is for the chocolate crunch lovers out there. The buckwheat and quinoa combo adds a unique twist to this chocolate bar with a great texture.





Super Trail Mix:

I always enjoy when a chocolate bar has a ton of variety incorporated into it. This one has pepitas, mulberries, pistachios, currants, golden berries, almonds and goji berries. Enjoyed the crunch and the chewiness from the nuts and dried fruit.


Hazelnut Spread: 

Organic ingredients: raw hazelnuts, raw cacao nibs, coconut sugar

I don’t see how hazelnuts and chocolate could ever go wrong. The nib and hazelnut combo for a spread is a great idea, like a sophisticated spread for those who want to treat themselves :)

Spread on buckwheat pancakes with caramelized bananas or oatmeal perhaps, or even just eat plain…



Have a favorite chocolate bar flavor combo?

Which Rawmio chocolate products sound like they’d be your favorite?



  1. Chocolate overload! All of these bars look so lovely. I’m usually not a fan of “stuff” in my chocolate, as it ruins the texture for me. However; I am a huge fan of coffee and/or sea salt sprinkled on top, and a little caramel never hurt, either. I think the buckwheat and quinoa bar would be my favorite of this batch, though.

    • Ohh yeah definitely have to agree about the chocolate + sea salt combo..esp. the coffee too. The buckwheat/quinoa bar was a good one, subtle on additional flavor, yet high texture appeal