It’s been a minute since I’ve posted.

As the semester draws to an end, a spur of the moment reflection felt relieving.

And so I share.

A lot has changed this semester. For the better though with much going on, yet I sit here heavily sunken into this cozy couch at 1:30 am, soaking up every bit of snugness as if I could harvest energy for the weeks to come.

I’ve missed my blog posts. The semester and work has me quite tied up, but I am looking forward to catching up soon..

I wonder where I’ll gain inspiration for my next post. Until then, I wanted to share some photos I took out at Swallowtail. That farm is magical. Even when there is barely any sunlight left, the lighting is still amazing.

It’s as if the sun doesn’t want to leave just yet.

Lately I’ve been finding it challenging to articulate my thoughts and perspectives about life, probably due to lack of sleep/current semester, but there are less issues when expressing via photograph. Sometimes it’s difficult to capture my intentions when I do a shoot, but now I’m finding the photos say more than I ever could.


















It is encouraging to live in a place like Gainesville. The ability for motivation, change, and impact flourish in a city that encourages one to succeed and pursue all passions.

To think about ever leaving has me dazed, but at the same time the potential for growth and adventure has me yearning for the surprises of the unknown.



Not affiliated with farm. Also not affiliated with farm is this cake I made for Thanksgiving:


Whole grain pumpkin spice cake w/ dark chocolate chunks, toasted pecans topped with dark chocolate & coconut ganache.

Bundt cakes are inspiring

as is when the land meets the sea…


How is life treating you friends? Looking forward to baking for the holidays? I’d love to hear any thoughts or ramblings you’d enjoy sharing.



  1. Jackie

    Very nice pictures :)

  2. cody

    Enjoyed this read, excellent photos.

  3. Fae

    These are lovely :)