I want to showcase the simple as it should

elegant, nutritious

this concoction was created from my love affair with sage, a beautiful herb with scents and tastes

to tantalize.

This smooth nut butter can provide crunch throughout

that is, if that’s your preference.

Something about the roasting of the raw walnuts and almonds, that smell wafting throughout the apartment…

the crackling of the roasted nuts decreasing in temperature.

Have you ever listened to such a sound? It’s quite soothing.

The taste of biting into a warm toasted almond or walnut…

I like to add this on top of buckwheat groats with cherries and cacao nibs.

Sometimes all you need is a bowl of complementary whole foods

sometimes, thing don’t need to be complicated

acknowledge the nourishment from simplicity



***I didn’t measure these, and you don’t need to. Just throw in whatever you want in a food processor and blend, adjust accordingly. I have listed approximations.

2 cups walnuts (I bought raw and roasted myself)

2 cup almonds (same deal, raw to roasted)

1/4 cup whole flaxseeds

~2-3 tbsp sage (I used fresh and dried, but would recommend dried)



1. Roast nuts if raw- place nuts on a cookie sheet/tray in 350 degree F oven, roast for about 10-15 minutes or until nuts are slightly brown..they will continue to cook once out of oven so don’t keep ’em in there for too long.

2. Place roasted nuts and flaxseeds in food processor and process until smooth.

-I processed until still a bit chunky, so that my nut butter would have small pieces of nuts and flaxseeds to provide crunch. You will obtain the nutrients from the flaxseeds once you chew them, if they are still whole. If you prefer, you can continue to process until super smooth and then add in a few nuts with the sage and blend to provide the crunch factor as well.

3. Add in sage (and optional whole nuts to make crunchy) and blend a bit to mix in.

4. Store in an air-tight container or jar in the fridge

Enjoy <3