Recently I’ve collaborated with the most beautiful farm in Gainesville, Swallowtail Farm, to photograph their edible plants to sell on their website.

I had a CSA with them this past season after visiting the farm in the fall and inquiring about their farming methods (you can read more about that here). Back in Orlando I had a share with an organic buying club that supplied organic produce from around the country. I wasn’t completely satisfied because more often than not the majority of the produce came from California or somewhere else across the country. I think even some Mexico was thrown in there. Ok??? I was getting plastic-packaged Driscoll’s strawberries and other produce that I could’ve easily bought in a supermarket. The closest farmer’s market in Orlando was about 45 minutes away :(

Once I moved to Gainesville I learned about several CSAs, which are supported by local farms throughout Alachua County. I was so stoked to check out all the farms. In the end Swallowtail won me over with their gorgeous farm, friendly faces, and farming practices I wanted to support.

After trying their veggies I knew I made the best decision when choosing where my produce would come from. Everything tasted so nutritious, I feel as if I could taste the vitamins and minerals in each vegetable. I’m obsessed with nutrition, I know, but I accept.

Nutrition is my life, it’s based upon the food we choose to consume and nourish our bodies with. It’s what improves our well-being and supports our body’s mechanisms for disease prevention and possibly treatment.

Food is art, food is life.


I could photograph the farm all day. It’s so much more to be out there now though, not only satisfying my own desire to be knee-deep in herbs while taking photos of echinacea, spider webs, wormwood, among tons of others, but also giving back to the farm that I have so much admiration for.

Work never feels mundane when you enjoy what you’re doing, who you’re doing it for, and can acknowledge the purpose behind your efforts.

I am very appreciative for what Gainesville has been offering me since I moved here. I am excited for what’s to come, but for now enjoy the photos.

If you’re interested in supporting Swallowtail Farm, check it out here

thanks friends