Ceylon vs. cassia cinnamon.

What’s the difference? Is there even a difference?

Recently I was contacted and had the opportunity to be informed by the company Flavor Of The Earth that there is indeed a difference between the two cinnamons, cassia being the common cinnamon that is found in your grocery store and well, my cabinet.

As I opened the ceylon, I immediately noticed a difference in the aroma as well as color. The taste provided another experience as well. A lighter, more fragrant cinnamon I’d say. I first experimented by adding the ceylon cinnamon to my sweet potatoes, which paired quite well. I ended up putting the ceylon on oatmeal, yogurt, sweet brown rice pudding, and in baked goods. I really enjoyed the delicate taste that the ceylon contributed.

I came across this double-blind, placebo controlled study┬áregarding the effects of cinnamon on lipid profile, inflammation, liver enzymes, and insulin resistance in those with nonalcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD. I could assume due to obesity). The results were that a daily dosage of cinnamon (1500mg) had shown to improve characteristics of NAFLD, except for HDL levels. A 1500mg dose is quite high and I would not recommend anyone just start self-treating themselves, but it’s interesting to take note of alternative therapies out there for treatment of chronic diseases.

This study was also intriguing. Click if you’d like to read more, but the results showed that cinnamon may have beneficial effects for those who eat a well-balanced diet, but cinnamon had no effects or potentially became detrimental to those who ate a high fat/sugar unhealthy diet.

There are so many factors in studies that can affect the results, but overall I’d say a daily sprinkle of cinnamon would do ya just right.

Flavor Of The Earth’s ceylon comes from Sri Lanka in small batches and contains┬áno chemicals, pesticides, fertilizer, additives or preservatives.

Ever tried ceylon cinnamon before? Did you prefer cassia or ceylon?

If you’re interested in Flavor Of The Earth’s ceylon cinnamon, check out their amazon page here to purchase and find out more for yourself: Flavor Of The Earth



  1. Jackie

    What do you know about Saigon Cinnamon? This is the kind we use, under the impression it had more health benefits… any studies about which cinnamon is healthier?

    • In the small amounts that we use, I really don’t think the health benefits are that superior in one cinnamon or another. I couldn’t find any studies on saigon, but from what I found it seems that it’s a vietnamese cinnamon that is more similar to cassia than ceylon. Overall I’d probably lean more toward ceylon cinnamon out of all of them, but I definitely wouldn’t avoid using the other two though.

    • Jackie, Saigon Cinnamon actually has the highest levels of Coumarin (6.97 g/kg) according to data published by a recent University of Mississippi study. Yes it tastes fabulous but not worth the risk especially if you have a weak liver.

  2. Jackie

    Thanks to both of you for the information