April 20th, 2013 Central Florida’s Earth Day

A day of embracing the eco-friendly culture of Orlando, the veg heads, animal ethics, and green smoothies.

…Not to mention doing several anti-rain dances…

The smidgen of Orlando that makes me happy to be apart of this busy city, bringing together those who care about the Earth and its inhabitants.

I feel fortunate to have been able to be apart of this fest and volunteer; it’s always an enjoyable time working with the other members of the Vegetarians of Central Florida.

Earth Day and Vegfest happen once a year so come check ’em out and support the local peeps of Orlando, a good time indeed.


Raphsodic Bakery (vegan + allergy conscious bakery treats)








Awesome organizations: Food Not Bombs and Action For Animals



Flute fun


For those who are of age, local Orlando Brewing provided some tasty organic brews.


Freshly made red pepper hummus from the food demos.


These smoothies were so good, I had two of the mango carrot and “green stuff.”




Ask a vegan, yo


Fun children crafts and parade



And no Earth Day celebration is complete without a green smoothie…




  1. Danielle

    awesome photos!