because I can

be young and 21 and decide to make cookies at 10pm

because I just finished a 19 credit semester with straight A’s

because I just graduated college

because I’ll find out rather shortly where I’ll be starting my dietetic degree this fall (fingers crossed UF)

because tahini, chocolate, almond butter, and coconut make a fabulous polygamous relationship

because these are tasty, as is life






Almond butter coconut cookies with tahini drizzle (gluten-free + vgn)




1 cup almond flour

1/4 cup dried unsweetened coconut flakes

1 tsp cinnamon

dash himalayan salt

1 tsp baking powder (gf/sodium free if possible)

stevia (to taste) or sweetener of choice



1/ 3 cup almond butter

2 tbsp tahini

2 tbsp non-dairy milk

1 medium mashed ripe banana

1 tsp vanilla extract

1/4 cup chocolate chips (optional)





Oven at 350 F (preheat at your preference, I wait to save electricity)

1. Combine dry ingredients in a bowl

-I can’t tell you how much stevia to use because each brand has varied powers. Start in small increments and taste the batter as you progress. Vegan batter FTW so no need to worry about bacteria and what not.

2. Combine wet ingredients together and then incorporate into the dry ingredients

-mix in chocolate chips now or wait and garnish the cookies with them once on cookie sheet

3. Place onto cookie sheet (I used parchment paper so no greasing required). They won’t change shape so mold to your likings. I made thumbprint cookies so I could place the chocolate chips or extra tahini/coconut in the middle.

-You can add tahini now or later OR now and later. Garnish with more coconut flakes if you desire.

4. Bake for about 10-12 minutes, until bottoms are slightly brown

5. Drizzzzle more tahini over top of the cookies once out of oven. You may even do a tahini/cinnamon/honey or maple syrup sauce combination and drizzle that over the cookies, yum.

6. Mangiaaaa*

Store in air-tight container in fridge





I received a cold from my dearest roommate Danielle (love her generosity) and these cookies are purrfect for not feeling like a beached whale (sad) after eating. I am partial to avoiding sugar, particularly when I am under the weather, and these cookies have no sugar added except the natural sugars from the banana (and random chocolate chips, ok whatever). I used stevia to provide the sweetness without the blood sugar spike. You could definitely use raw honey or maple syrup or coconut palm sugar or whatever sweetener you desire really.

But these are definitely a healthier treat to celebrate life with

and if it weren’t for this cold I probably would’ve devoured these thangs in a matter of minutes…one benefit to having a cold.


Also, midnight oil has been delighting my palate ever so wonderfully lately. Another benefit of being in Gainesville for my dietetic degree. Check it out yo! That is, if you have a good taste in brews…


Moreover, I have developed a weird crush on this gal…


Not quite sure why, but I think it’s because everything about her is so imperfect, it’s perfect.

I’ve never been about the standard image of beauty and she really embodies what most people try to avoid, which is damn awesome.

* Fun fact: Mangia is also a game for the Atari 2600 where you control a boy, who’s crazy mother keeps feeding him pasta, by feeding the pasta to a cat and dog without the mother seeing of course. If the mother sees the denial of pasta then she will require 3x as much pasta to be eaten!! Eating too much causes the boy to explode.

The end.




  1. Danielle

    This post is quite random :) I’m sorry I’ve given you my cold. These look delicious, and if not for food allergies, I would try some myself. Congratulations on your degree! I’m eagerly looking forward to finding out where you’ll be next year as well.

  2. congratulations on all your successes, lady! i wish you much luck! and the cookies look and sound fabulous!

  3. No wonder we haven’t seen you in ages!! Congratulations on the degree and the As! Boooo on the cold :-).

  4. Congrats! Excited to hear where you are starting your RD road… we need more RD’s like you in the field! Have you checked out the Dietitians for Professional Integrity facebook/twitter pages? It’s a great group to get started with.

  5. ah congrats on graduating college, what a feat to have behind you! These cookies look like the perfect celebration for the occasion

  6. These cookies look so so delicious! Congrats on your degree!

  7. Had to give up sugar and chocolate for suspected acid reflux so these look great! (I’ll use honey and skip the chocolate chips.) Congrats on graduating!

    • These def were awesome without the choc. chips; I found myself eating more of these kinds with extra tahini :P
      let me know how ya like ’em!

      and thank you :)

  8. Oh man I am just loving your blog!!! I want to make these too–LOVE tahini. I’m pretty sure I have all the ingredients to make these so I am exciteddd. Love how healthy they are.