This elixir incorporates the nutrition of both a smoothie and a juice. You receive the fiber from the smoothie to maintain satiety, as well as assimilate the beautiful health benefits extracted from the ginger and wheatgrass. I feel invigorated each time I finish one of these smoothies. This would make a great breakfast or pick-me-up throughout the day…A wonderful approach to starting your day healthy, balanced, and delicious.

If you proceed to sip this smoothie slowly, enjoying each and every taste and health attribute, you may notice how the smoothie thickens up a bit. You can thank the flaxseeds for that. I personally am partial to thicker smoothies so it’s definitely a nice surprise :)





-For the juice:

1 oz serving of wheatgrass

1-2 inch chunk of ginger


-For the smoothie:

1 small ripe mango

1/2 lemon

1/2 cup blueberries

2-3 kale leaves

1 tbsp flaxseeds

stevia (optional)

Filtered water or non-dairy milk, to preference (approx. 1 cup suggestion)



1. Juice wheatgrass and ginger

2. Add all ingredients for smoothie and previously juiced wheatgrass/ginger juice in a high speed blender and blend, of course.

3. Drink up my friends, and enjoy the lovely nutrients you are gracing your body with.



Thanks so much Aimee DuFresnee for showcasing my recipe on your site!!



  1. Christine Najera

    Looks Delicious! I need healing inside and out..so this will hopefully help:) THX