ah, I love the luminescence of the orange…

Fruit infused water, aka spa water. Can’t get more simple and beautiful than naturally flavoring your own water. This is super easy to do, whether it be for a single serving or a gathering, all you need is some sort of container, water, and your favorite pick of nature’s produce.

I chose to do an orange cilantro fusion in a single-serve mason jar, which turned out super refreshing. I love knowing I can be hydrated by fresh nutrient water. Plus, it’s always fun to eat the fruit afterwards.

I also kept refilling the water back up after I drank some, feel free to do this and reuse the fruits as much as possible if you’d prefer.



-Glass jar, pitcher, or container of some sort. Any size, your preference

-Filtered H2O




1. Acquire a small/large jar or pitcher of some sort

2. Place an adequate amount of sliced fruit to water ratio in container (as much or little as you’d like, anything shall do the job)

3. Let meld in fridge for a few hours or even overnight for more intense fruit flavor

4. Hydrate and enjoy!


Some flavor suggestions:

Lemon Lavender

Strawberry Basil

Cucumber Melon

Blackberry Sage

Mango Mint

Strawberry Kiwi

Apple Cinnamon

Orange Vanilla

Raspberry Lime Mint

Lemongrass Lime

Peach Cilantro

Simple Lemon

..The list goes on!





  1. i love this idea, bridget! i love flavored club soda, so i will definitely have to experiment!

  2. Yum! I love infused waters, those flavor combinations sounds great. My favorite is ginger and cucumber

  3. I made some last night and it was good. I saw you mentioned refilling the water back and using the fruit as often as possible. About how long would you say the fruit last?

    • Hey Shante, glad ya liked it. I would say a few days, about 3, depending on the fruit. My citrus and cilantro lasted quite a few days, but I can’t say other fruit will hold up as well. To be safe, count on two days. If the fruit still looks good and the water smells/tastes alright, then go another day accordingly.