This tribute goes out to Huggies, the family dog of a grand 12.5 years.

Twas a wonderful life she lived. Oh, other than the time when my adolescent self tied her leash to a tree and tempted her to run after me to see if she was secure enough in the yard…Oh children…but regardless, Huggies was showered with love, attention, and food. I went away to college a few years ago, but I’m fortunate that I could live with her in her youth. Through her unsolicited kisses on the mouth to the times she would help me clean food off of the floor, Huggies was a beautiful dog whose memories shall remain with me as I grow old. Rest in peace ma dear pup, you are loved. <3

Be fortunate and appreciative of every four-legged friend in your life. Whether young or old, furry or not, every creature on this planet deserves to live a happy life. These living beings have a heart of their own and deserve no less than anything that can form a sentence deserves.




  1. What a sweet baby! Heartfelt hugs to you on the passing of Huggies.

  2. Oh! It warms my heart to see what a great home you gave to Huggies and how much she was loved. My heart goes out to you. xo

  3. Breann

    So sweet and true, I am so sorry for you loss.

  4. Kai

    So beautiful. It brings warmth to me to know that Huggies had a good home. Sorry for your loss. <3