So I just found out that I won a scholarship to the Vida Vegan Con this summer!!!!!! I will be able to goto the conference for free (excluding travel/lodging, but whatever). I am already counting down until this May. This is beyond wonderful and words cannot even express how happy I am right now. This blogging conference will be probably one of the most awesome experiences I shall ever have.

Blogging. VEGAN. Portland. I don’t even know what to do with myself in this instant. Holy CRAP. sxlksfjaldsfjs

Being surrounded by other vegan bloggers alike in (practically) a vegan, beautiful city is a dream come true. I can’t wait to explore the town and what Portland has to offer! Eeeeekkk!

Portland is what I’m all about, yo.

I am beyond fortunate for the lovely folks in charge of VVC who extended this offer over to me and decided that I was worthy enough for one of their scholarships. I feel crazily lucky.

It’s really true that when your passions extend through what you do, it’ll show and you shall be rewarded in variable ways. My blog has been the most successful thing I have ever put my efforts and time into and regardless of anything I’ve accomplished or won, I am happy with myself and how my blog has developed. It’s not about the materials that I may have won, no product or amount of money can really take the place of the happiness I receive from my blog. When my readers ask me questions and tips, or let me know that my recipe pleased a whole crowd…That’s the most rewarding thing for me. MY efforts extend out to others, make others feel happy or even improve their health..Even in the most minuscule way makes me feel exhilarated. I may not have the most popular blog, biggest fan base, or even fanciest pictures, but it’s the content that’s important to me. I take the time in writing each post, making sure that it’s a reflection of myself entirely. I try and express my feelings and passion for food through my pictures and writing, to hope that you, my friends, can get yourself a bit into my peculiar mind. I enjoying teaching and even more so learning. My blog has helped me do both ten fold. It’s my child :). I give it love and attention and yummy vegan recipes to fill its belly.

I remember finding out about VVC awhile back and applying for their scholarship. I was so excited that I even told my father about it HOPING for him to suggest that I go. Hehe. Unfortunately the funds are not up for spendin’ :( so VVC in May was merely a dream for another year…

Not anymore though :)

Anyone else going!?! I’d love to meet ya and share some wondrous vegan adventures.

Now off to make some celebratory vegan/gluten-free muffins!! Post should be up tonight or hopefully soon…I gotta study folks (finals week)! But man, how am I supposed to study with this amazing bit of news that just came my way!??!!



  1. Danielle

    I’m so happy for you! I can’t wait to see photos of your trip.

  2. jackie