Ever desired a creamy, vegan sweet topping/filling to accompany that awesome dessert you just made? Well my friends, here you go. I have for you a simple and wonderful, cashew cream.

You can put this on anything really, or simply eat it solo. That is if you can have some self control…



1 1/2 cup raw cashews, soaked for a few hours in filtered water

3/4 cup non-dairy milk

1-2 tbsp maple syrup or coconut palm sugar (or even raw honey, non vgn but ok in my book =) )

1-2 tsp vanilla



Drain soaked cashews and put everything in a blender or food processor. Blend until thick consistency, add more milk if necessary. Additional spices/extracts may be added to suit your palate. Feel free to experiment, as always :).

Utilizing this lovely cashew cream, a special holiday recipe shall be coming soon! I’m hoping tomorrow, so stay tuned.




  1. That is crazy good!!

  2. Kai

    Oooo I could totally see this working as a banana cream pie! Will totally be trying this out when I get the chance.

  3. Andy

    I’ve just been reading about “natural flavors.” It’s pretty disgusting. Look up castoreum. Maybe you can do a post about the topic.

    • Gah! I’ve always wondered about what “natural flavors” are actually comprised of. I’ve just avoided all together and glad I did! That is terrible. I’ve been wary of carageenan too lately, a common additive in non-dairy milks used as a thickening agent. Doing a post about all these great things would be a good idea, thanks!

  4. Hi Bridget!

    How long will the Cashew Cream last when stored in the fridge? Making this in the near future to incorporate into another recipe :)

    • Heather, hi!! I somehow never saw your comment, my apologies for getting back to you late.
      Should last about a week or so? It’s fairly basic ingredients so as long as it’s kept in the fridge you should be good for quite some time. I’d say taste it on a daily basis to see how it’s goin’. Most likely it’ll taste better with age and have a creamier/thicker texture

  5. CharMiranda

    This sounds awesome! Could you use almond or coconut milk instead of regular non fat milk?