Organic. Raw. Vegan. Gluten-free.

What more could I ask for in life?

Perhaps you and I could think of a few things, but that’s all irrelevant right now.

RAW COOKIESSSSSSSSSS are what’s on my mind in this current moment in time.

I stumbled across RAWR!, this wonderful local South Florida company, at VegFest and knew only swell things would happen from here on out. They provided a little sample for me to place amongst my tastebuds and leave them singing in happiness.

If you are not too familiar with raw cookies, you may be a tad curious as to how this feat is achieved. Well, a bunch of yummy ingredients come together in happy matrimony and are dehydrated, preserving the enzymes and nutrients of these beautiful foods and now my friends, you are left with a splendid cookie to enjoy. You can read up more on RAWR!’s ingredients and raw beliefs, here.

I typically come across a lot of vegan treats that are super sweet, too sweet for my palate but RAWR! cookies did not let me down. A nice, balanced sweetness from a dehydrated treat. Do not get me wrong my friends, these cookies definitely will satisfy your sweet tooth (but won’t leave you feeling like blah, how sweet).

Pun intended.

RAWR! Organic Raw Cookies’s philosophy and ideologies are what I’m all about. Pretty cute concepts too, incorporating dinosaurs and a more personal feel towards all of their products. I can appreciate that for sure. Everything about this company is unique from the ingredients to the font :). Professional, yet with a touch of personality…What I enjoy most.

This local company is located in Ft. Lauderdale, my home town!! If any of you guys out there are in the market for a superb bit of raw, dehydrated goodness, definitely check out RAWR! cookies and merchandise. Look at that shirt!! So neat. They provide online ordering too. These cookies would make awesome gifts year round and for the upcoming holidays as well as for stocking stuffers! I wish I could receive raw cookies instead of the refined, sugar overloaded ones…

Varying between 6 to 7 ingredients in each cookie, every ingredient is distinguishable and familiar. So nice when you read the contents of what you are eating and it puts a smile to your face.

I was fortunate enough to be able to sample all three cookie flavors, much thanks April and the other wonderful peeps over at RAWR!

I tried to figure out which flavor I enjoyed most, which led to duplicate, triple, well multiple I suppose, taste tests of each cookie and I just could not decide. Each flavor had it’s own unique tastiness about it. Perhaps you can figure out which one you enjoy most!


First up:

Chewy Double Chip Chocolate

Guh! How do I put in words deliciousness?

Ok, it’s hard to go wrong when chocolate is involved (especially raw cacao hello!), but these cookies were addicting. I remembered the beginning to the acquaintance of these raw cookies at VegFest and knew from first glance that these were going to be winners. I just love raw chocolate in contrast to cashews, coconut oil, vanilla, oh and of course “awesomeness.”


Crunchy Coconut & Lime

Omg ok so I must admit how I presumed, according to my chocolate crazy nature, that the coconut lime cookies were going to be my third favorite out of the three, but NO. They were phenomenal! I love all that nature produces, but typically lime and coconut are not my favorite flavors. These were wonderful though, thank you rawrsome folks for rekindling this coconut love.

These cookies are just overflowing with flavor. I had to do multiple “test” bites, ya know just to make sure (as you can see from the pictures). Not too tangy from the lime (I am not a sour fan) with nice subtle sweet hints from the coconut and vanilla. Also, macadamia nuts are perfect pairings for this palate. Perhaps it’s the “razzle dazzle” that really brings everything together…


Ol’ Fashioned Raisin

Um so not sure how they made these smell ASTOUNDING, but as soon as I opened the little package I smelled the enticing essence of cinnamon buns.

I kept smelling.


Anyways, nothin’ beats a good ol’ fashioned oatmeal cookie! I really enjoyed the comforting warm spices this cookie brought me. Mmm maple, vanilla, cinnamon, and raisins. Definitely the “tiny kung fu ninjas” had something to do with my adoration for this cookie.



I hope you try these out and support an awesome local and growing company.

Thanks again April and the folks over at RAWR! for providing some yummy raw goodness. Much love.

Cheers to ze raw life.




  1. jackie

    The Double Chip Chocolate looks really good!

  2. Oh I need to get my hands on these!!

  3. Kai

    :D I’m going crazy just looking at these! Thanks for sharing cause I’ve been on a hunt for raw vegan cookies lately.