So after a fun day in bio lab of playing with little creatures, I decided it was time to

1. play with more of them and

2. photograph them to showcase to the fortunate (i.e. you)

I took a plethora of pictures and twas difficult for me to choose which I enjoyed best, thus quite a few have made it to this page. For your pleasure and nothing less, of course.

I wanted to capture images of these guys as they’re a huge part of this wonderful world of ours and not everyone pays attention to (can even tolerate) ’em.

Shame. Anyways, here’s a shout out to my little friends.

Warning: the following photos contain BUGS + REPTILES. If you are not a fan of these creatures, look anyways.

Enjoy :D

First up, piggyback riding grasshoppers..Look at their faces!!!!!! So distinguished.

He looks like he’s alive and pondering about something…

New carousel seats..

Now for some snake fun :D :D :D :)

Looks like he’s going into a wormhole..thanks, depth of field.

It’s like his face is peaking through..

…and a bit more:

so cute


I found these pictures, excuse photobooth quality plz, but this little guy is awesome! Lil bearded dragon. I want one of these guys one day, or even more so a chameleon.

Basking in his ever so glorious rays of awesomeness:

Ok that’s it.

My favorite pic is the first, main one. Wish the focus could’ve been a tad more accented on the snake’s head, but still pretty sick in my opinion.

I thought all these guys were pretty neat, more so the alive ones but nonetheless..This collection shall grow so expect more in the future. Anyone out there share a similar creature fondness as I?



  1. With the exception of Brown Recluse spiders, mosquitoes and gnats (probably one or two other things as well…) I love observing critters. The snake is incredible – great photos!