Simple and tasty way to eat cauliflower. I must apologize for the picture, bad lighting at night but this dish is too delicious to not share with you! A healthy and quick side dish that’s extremely customizable to fit any palate. You could even make this a meal if you add in some more veggies, legumes, gluten free pasta, and maybe even tofu/tempeh would be swell. Feel free to make this sans the spicy spices if you’re not a fan. I have a tad bit of a fixation towards spicy foods. I love when my sinuses start running ha…

I want to mention how I cannot take credit for this genius idea. I’ve definitely seen and had recipes in the past for wonderful things to do with cauliflower, but I’m glad I finally got around to making my own version of this fine, fine dish. Mm, mmm.



1 large head of cauliflower

1 bunch scallions (or onion)

few bunches of kale, chard, spinach, broccoli, any greens shall do

3-5 whole fresh garlic cloves (depending on your preference)

olive oil

curry powder

cayenne powder and crushed red pepper flakes (optional, only if you like it spicy!)

smoked paprika


Lightly sauté the scallions in olive oil, I used only 1/2 tbsp, use your preference. I keep my garlic raw and add it to my dish once I’m done cooking, but add in the garlic (chopped) now if you prefer it cooked.

In the meantime, put the cauliflower in a food processor and blend until a rice-like consistency has been reached. Don’t over do it or you may have yourself some cauliflower mash (still edible though).

Add the cauliflower to the pan once scallions have softened a bit. Add some oil to sauté.

Add in your greens or perhaps other veggies if you’d like. Add in preferred spices and cook until desired texture is achieved.

Serve ‘n eat folks. Man, this is a pretty addicting healthy veggie side dish. Sweet smoky notes from the smoked paprika and curry, yet overall savory and spicy…AH I hope you enjoy it as much as I.

Mmm making me crave some more…



  1. this looks delicious, bridget! i think i will make this tonight for dinner!

  2. This looks amazing! I have made cauliflower rice before never thought about adding greens to it! Thanks for the inspiration!

  3. What a neat-o idea! I’ve never seen it before, so I’ll give you full credit!

  4. This looks so tantalizing! I must try! I’ve tried using cabbage as rice but it didn’t work out too well, but cauliflower sounds like such a great substitute.


  5. Kim

    Hey Bridge,
    This turned out really good and was a big hit for dinner with the family! I also added a 1/4 red bell pepper and some fresh basil, with dash of cinnamon and i prayed it would turn out good!
    Thanks for sharing!:) it also cleared up the sinuses for sure! Lol
    LOoking forward to trying more of your great recipes!!

    • !!! :) Glad you enjoyed it Kim. The additions of bell pepper and fresh basil, good idea I will have to try that out next time!
      Ah hope you enjoy ’em all :)