I’d have to say, today’s juicing was definitely more my style. Not too sweet, packed with greens, and oh so spicy from the lovely ginger.

I decided to take it easy on the fruits and use more greens. The kiwi and ginger work perfectly together. I probably could’ve even left out the apple..I’ll have to experiment tomorrow. I think next time I will add in a cucumber or celery for volume and nutrition. This smoothie did turn out a bit small, but I found it to be a perfect pick-me-up. I was really excited to finally use wheatgrass too.

For summer classes, I have to wake up at 7 am Monday-Thursday. Tons of fun, I know. But I’ve been drinking freshly made juices everyday, along with eating overnight oats for breakfast of course, and I feel really good throughout the day. My energy levels are great, except sometimes in chemistry but what do you expect..2 hour chem class at 8 am can be a tad strenuous. Anyways, I find myself more eager to learn and be productive throughout the day.

After class today, I decided to go for a run and ended up being outside for over an hour! Don’t really know where the time went but it was beautiful outside. Simply walking and listening to some of my favorite music lately- The War on Drugs, Blind Pilot, Bon Iver, and whatever random jazz came on.

I even saved an earthworm’s life. It was wiggling under the hot morning’s sun on the pavement so I picked it up and put it back in the dirt. This was the second earthworm’s life I saved this week, felt good.

Here’s an amazing song by another one of my favs, Iron and Wine.. I used to be a bit skeptical of his new album when it came out last year but I actually gave it a chance and it’s beautiful. He’s amazing live…Not that I had the wonderful opportunity to see him yet, but so I’ve heard/seen youtube videos. :)



Serves 1:

1 kiwi

1 small apple

4-5 large kale leaves

handful of wheatgrass

small chunk of ginger

few sprigs of cilantro


Get your juicin’ and health on.



Variety is key, but I’d like fresh wheat grass and ginger to be staples in my juices. Ginger has really been helping with my stomach.