Hello all, I am writing to you with excitement about my new juicer.

I decided to kinda just wing it and throw a few ingredients into it that I believed would be taste good. I did some quick impromptu research just to make sure I was going in the right direction with ratios of different fruits/vegetables and found out that beets can be pretty potent. Hmm…

Too late, I already cut up a whole one so decided to just use all of it anyways, worse comes to worse it’ll taste off but I’ve had worse I’m sure. (Ever smelled/tasted pure spirulina powder? Now that’s a treat for sure…)

It was even a tad too sweet for me. Next time I will definitely add in some greens to balance out the taste. I’m just glad this initial juice stole my heart at first sip.

Look at how beautiful these golden beets are! No editing or photoshop whatsoever, naturally this gorgeous. They’re delicious, I’ve never had them before..


Here is my baby, the Omega 8004 Masticating Juicer. Now I have two children (didn’t forget about you food processor)..

I did my research on a few different kinds of juicers, mainly the ones in my price range. Centrifugal juices (the more common ones, cheaper, standing up) produce juice really fast! The motor is very quick and heats up a bit to give you what you want, but in turn it destroys some of the enzymes and oxidizes the juice quicker. I also read that this is a myth. I do know that most centrifugal juicers have troubles with leafy greens. Researching juicing machines could be helpful to you.

I am very happy with my juicer and would recommend it to all, it only takes about a few minutes to get a lovely glass of juice. (I find the whole process fun actually). Oh and the clean up is pretty quick.


On a side note, my new stainless steal water bottle. Bamboo cap. KleanKanteen


1st day juice:



2 very small apples (or 1 normal sized one)

1 golden beet

1 bunch of carrots

1 small chunk ginger

a small handful of cilantro


I had to cut the beets and apples up into small pieces because my juicer’s mouth is a tad small, but no worries. I alternated hard and soft produce and ran the pulp through once or twice all was done.

Poured in a glass and was happy.

Haha not the prettiest of juices, but definitely tasty!



2nd day juicing:

much prettier ;)



few leaves of kale

1 very small apple

1 golden beet

1 bunch of carrots

1 small chunk ginger

a small handful of cilantro


Beautiful, man.

I decided to not let anything go to waste so I made muffins with the pulp! Delicious I must say and a healthy snack that did not make me feel guilty afterwards. I will always be saving my juice pulp to try and incorporate it into other recipes. You can freeze it if you’re not going to be using it immediately. I read about adding it to pasta and lasagna which is an awesome idea for some extra veggie intake. Delicious. Adding it to a pizza sounds great too! Ah the possibilities.

Recipe for this delicious juice pulp muffin: here!

Thank you juicer, for coming into my life and filling me with joy. (As every child should…ha)



  1. Congratulations on your new purchase ;) Yay! Your juices look real tasty.

  2. brittany

    I’m on a juice fast right now and am loving it! This recipe looks amazing and I think I’m going to try it tonight. Does it taste similar if I use red beets rather than golden beets? I’m also obsessed with all of your recipes and as soon as this fast is over, I’m making every single one of your recipes! Its also nice seeing another younger adult (I’m 22) trying to combat this world of processed, fatty, sugary foods. Thanks for the great recipes!

    • Definitely much props to your juice cleanse Brittany! I loved this juice, it was definitely a staple in my juice cleanse. Yes, it should taste wonderful with red beets. I’d love to hear what you think about this juice and my other recipes that you try! Keep me posted and thanks for the lovely words and for checking out my site.
      Have a wonderful day and good luck with the rest of your juice fast =)