Another year, another age. Finally the “21st” woo!…Right?

Hmm to me it just seems like another birthday, for some reason I even feel a bit unenthused. Probably because a lot of those who I truly care about cannot be with me on this day to celebrate the joys of aging. Nevertheless, I enjoy new beginnings and me turning a new age will be the start for a beautiful and health-filled year. I’ve positively grown quite a bit in the past year, mentally and emotionally, and I cannot wait for what’s to come in the future.

I’ve accepted who I am and what I want to dedicate my life to. That being nutrition and health, of course. I have to say, making this blog was one of the best ideas I could have acted on. I feel as if The Road Not Processed assisted me in my acceptance for my found passion. Nutrition and I are very close nowadays and it’s here to stay for good. =)

It’s my life. It’s what I talk, think, imagine, and hope about. I wake up in the morning and get excited to eat.

I get excited to eat food that has enzymes, vitamins, minerals, nutrients…little particles of power being ingested and absorbed into my body fueling me for breathing, seeing, hearing, feeling, living. Sorta like magic to me.

I find fun in adding hemp seeds or chia or maca powder or anything of such nature to my foods.

This truly is a life dedication of mine and it comes easy to me, fortunately. I don’t really pick foods for taste, I eat them for health and in turn the healthier the food, the better it tastes.

A fresh, crisp red bell pepper…that crunchy first bite of beautiful nutrients.

What about a lovely plum? I forgot how beautiful the color of plums are, as well as tasty of course…


I love capturing the condensation. Like little inhabitants…

Within the past year I’ve realized how much I have grown and am enjoying these new experiences and situations that I come across over time. I love meeting new people, I love seeing what they can teach me, even if it’s unintentional. Even whether it’s through some not-so-awesome circumstances, see the good in the negative I say. Being around closed-minded people just makes me happy to not be in that mindset and appreciate what everyone has to offer. Life is more enjoyable to me being dynamic and open to all the unfamiliar. I tend to learn more about myself, others, life, when new situations are brought to the table. Living in our society consisting of the typical western diet and having many claim I’m preposterous by my lifestyle choices is actually motivating to me. It challenges me to firmly believe in how I want to live my life and what I want to put in my body. I couldn’t be happier with my thoughts, beliefs, wants, and desires. I have the utmost respect for anyone who has a passion for something and lives it out completely. Some may think I’m a health freak, or just a freak in general ha, and I’m not going to deny it..I’d have to agree! And I like, no, love it.

Over this past year I’ve learned to love and let go and realize who genuinely cares. It’s a good feeling to feel love, but it’s a grand feeling to be able to give love as well. Whether it’s a friend, significant other, family member, or even cat, everything could use a bit of lovin’ and the fact of being able to provide it, to provide some extra happiness in someone’s life, makes me feel awesome…as if I were drinking a green smoothie.

On a lighter note, I’m just really happy I finally got a food processor and was able to create my own healthy larabars at home! I’ve been yearning to do this for so long considering I keep them with me at all times as little snacks.



Moving on to the legal life of being 21, I must say it’ll be nice to be able to get into any music venue as some are age restricted. It shall just be swell to enjoy a drink at a unique establishment with lovely music rather than the local grimy bars that unfortunately I am surrounded by. Alcohol can provide some warm times with some good friends, but other than that it’s not really my thing. I do enjoy a good craft beer every now and then, but overall I am not a huge fan of drinking…

I find it funny how I will be getting a juicer on my 21st, so an overabundance of juices will be about the only thing I’ll really be drinking excessively of…

Drinking to my health, so to say.

Wheat grass shots all around anybody? YES, please.

Speaking of GETTING A JUICER, hello. How exciting!! This has to be one of the best birthday presents I could receive. Thank you wonderful parents for supporting my healthy lifestyle. I am in the utmost yearning for one of these babies. Yeehaw.

I’ve been making a kale, ginger, mango, blueberry smoothie lately and it’s divine…I can only imagine the wonderful juice recipes I’ll be able to put on my blog! The Omega j8004 can even make fruit sorbet and nut butters. It’s called a “masticating” juicer. Haha so awesome, a masticating machine indeed. I’ll be using the discarded pulp for other recipes as well. You can even make muffins with it, yay.



On top of drinking freshly made juices, I really want to do a juice cleanse at the end of the summer. I feel as if it’d be a refreshing step into the new year of school, hard work, and healthy lifestyles. I could not be more excited, exclamation marks do not do me justice right now.

I’ve decided (props to my sister, Jackie for the idea) to make some goals for the upcoming year.


Some aspirations and desires:

1. Do a detox/cleanse, some sort of fast

  • Juice cleanse for sure

2. Volunteer in some sort of nutrition/health related field

3. Try some sort of new cardio activity

4. Keep fueling my blog. (Very happy to have upgraded to a new theme though!)

5. Stimulate my brain in ways I could not even imagine right now

6. Learn something new…in fact, learn MANY new things (about myself and the world)

  • experience more culture for sure

7. Apply and get accepted into the University of Florida for my Dietetic degree!!! (Ahh!!! I hope. Anticipation at its finest…)

8. Visit my family some more.

9. Loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee..

10. Sleep under the stars again

11. Grow a beard*


I’m sure there will be more, but this is good for now. Thanks Jackie too for the lovely birthday card in the featured image. Definitely enjoying it and represents the growth I will be doing. Oh yeaaa

This coming fall I’ll be getting a bit more in-depth into the chem and bio I have to take for Dietetics! It’ll be hard for sure, but rewarding nonetheless.

I’m also excited for the up-and-coming year because my new roommates seem like an incredible group of girls. It’ll be relieving to live in a positive and friendly environment. Also there are animals in the house with us =).

Overall, this past year has been awesome. I love living. I love experiencing. and oh yeah I love eating (obviously).

Those things to me are what life is all about. Thrilled to see what this year has to hold.


*Just kidding…

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  1. Cody

    You are suck a special individual. I hope this birthday marks a new transition into the person you want to become. I cant wait to be by your side and go on this amazing journey together. I think about you so much and can not wait to be in your arms again. Thank you for motivating me and everyone interested in a healthy lifestyle and leading by example. You are going to be an amazing nutritionist one day and hopefully ill be able to hire you ;) Keep up the amazing work. I just showed your blog to one of my inter friends and she was thoroughly impressed. You are amazing. Congrats on another revolution around the Sun happy 21.