I recently entered Mamma Chia’s “eco-friendly” themed photography contest (picture above) and won! The company generously sent me coupons, buttons, a shirt, and two reusable grocery totes. I’ve been using those totes ever since and for some peculiar reason I fancy the buttons a tad too much. I love everything that I received as well as the coupons for more Mamma Chia! Can’t wait to try them all. Currently I’ve tried the Raspberry Passion and Blackberry Hibiscus. I appreciate the unique flavors Mamma Chia offers. You can check them out here: Mamma Chia.

I must give a shout out to the wonderful people at Mamma Chia for their awesome gifts and happy attitudes.

I think my favorite thing about this drink is the gelatinous chia seeds.

120 cal| 4g fat| 12mg sodium |20g carb| 6g dietary fiber| 14g sugar| 4g protein



  1. Jackie

    The picture you took is perfect for the eco-friendly theme! It looks like it could be on a TV commercial!