Non-Dairy Yogurt Review

By on 5-03-2012

So with the prevalence of dairy allergies and lactose intolerances all over the place, yogurt can become scarce in one’s diet. Sad, as yogurt is a wonderful snack.
I’ve read that since greek yogurt is strained, it contains less lactose, and therefore a tad bit easier to digest for those with dairy sensitivities. Also the straining accounts for the high-protein content. Lactose is a disaccharide, which means it’s made up of two monosaccharides (simple sugars) : glucose and galactose. Lil’ bio for ya ;) So lactose is the sugar found in milk.

Unfortunately some are still affected by dairy, but thankfully there are alternatives out there.

Some of the soy ones that I saw at the store have tons of sugar and other ingredients that I do not want to be eating, but I recently found some that I am willing to ingest.

First off, SO-Delicious:

I choose the plain because it had the least amount of sugar and the “greek” because I enjoy greek yogurt. It tasted really good, I thoroughly enjoyed the hint of coconut. I was not a huge fan of how they have no unsweetened flavor. It wasn’t a huge amount of added sugar, but still I’m not a fan of cane sugar in my food.

The thickness compared to the other greek yogurt varieties was definitely more like a cross between normal yogurt and greek yogurt. Ha, sorry that seems to be evident, but it’s true. It’s just a thinner version of the really thick greek yogurts. Maybe that’s because it contains less protein perhaps (2 grams)?

I really love how it has added Vitamin B12(35% DV) and D(30%)! Included too is magnesium (35% DV), Calcium (35%), and Iron (4%). That’s great considering there is a slight risk for vegans to become deficient in the B12 and D. Vit D also helps calcium absorption, yay.

Similar to normal yogurts with the beloved live and active cultures but soy free, non gmo, and vegan. Wonderful source of fiber (9g), holy (happy) cow. Yes, 4.5g of saturated fat, but it’s all from the coconut’s fatty acids.

SO-Delicious has so many flavors. Click the link to view them all.

So overall, if they made an unsweetened flavor (oh yeah and lowered the price) then I would definitely buy again!

130 cal| 5g fat| 4.5g saturated fat| 130mg sodium | 22g carb| 9g dietary fiber| 7g sugar| 2g protein



Amande is made with almond milk. I tried the cherry flavor, I love cherry and almonds together, one of my fav combos. It did taste delicious indeed. They have blueberry, cherry, vanilla, peach, coconut, raspberry, and plain.

It’s sweetened with fruit juice concentrate too. Not sure how good I feel about the “concentrate” part, but sweetened with fruit juice is a nice alternative to the other sugars out there!

No unsweetened flavors as well here, but they do have a plain (10g sugar). I always will prefer plain/unsweetened though.

Has a nice dose of calcium (30% DV), soy free, and vegan as well which is nice. No artificial flavors or additives which are always a gold star to me.

I would love to try all of these flavors, but probably wouldn’t buy them myself because of the sugar content sigh.

150 cal| 6g fat| 0g saturated fat| 10mg sodium | 23g carb| 2g dietary fiber| 14g sugar| 3g protein


Green Valley Organics:


Ok so the “lactose free” definitely caught my attention as another yogurt to be reviewed. I was looking at the ingredients (something that I will never cease to do before I buy ANY product) and became a tad apprehensive about making this yogurt purchase. One of the ingredients listed was “lactase enzyme.” With my limited bio knowledge, I recognized lactase as some sort of enzyme derivative from dairy. I was not certain as to what this was, but I did recognize that lactose (the sugar in dairy) and lactase were definitely different. I also recalled that enzymes catalyze (breakdown or speed up) a reaction of some sort. I did my research and found out that lactase is the enzyme that breaks down lactose. Splendid. Lactase does a reverse reaction of lactose back into the simple sugars, glucose and galactose.

This is not vegan because it does contain dairy and in this particular one, honey, but I still wanted to include this yogurt here! The website states that it’s free of lactose (which is what would cause some gastrointestinal discomfort), so I would believe that it’s safe for those with dairy intolerances.

Maybe I’ll make my father, who is lactose intolerant, be the experimenter and try it out. Haha I’ll let you guys know…

I did not see the plain flavor at Whole Foods, so instead I purchased the honey one. Still kind of high in sugar, but this particular yogurt is only sweetened with organic wildflower honey! This specific honey has been my favorite lately. I just picked up some raw wildflower honey the other day and it is divine. Something about it has that extra spice that is just oh too delicious.

Moving on, all of Green Valley’s yogurts are sweetened with organic cane juice except the plain and honey flavors. As much as I would like to try the other flavors, there is just a tad too much sugar for me. Especially since I still would like to avoid the evap. cane sugar where I can.

Overall the flavor was very yummy and the consistency was definitely reminiscent of normal yogurts (non-greek). I feel as if many would enjoy this yogurt because of the texture, very smooth.

The plain is unsweetened, but still has naturally occurring sugar (8 grams) from the milk, and has 8 grams of protein! All have 25% DV calcium too. 10 live and active cultures, as well as no preservatives, additives etc. The company states on their website that their farms are certified humane and are powered by solar energy!!! I really like that, Green Valley Organics seems to care more than just about making a buck. It’s refreshing to see a company strive to be healthy, eco-friendly, and most importantly make their customers, employees, as well as their animals happy.


140 cal| 2g fat| 1.5g saturated fat| 10mg cholesterol | 79mg sodium | 24g carb| 0g dietary fiber| 17g sugar| 7g protein

WildWood Probiotic Soyogurt:

I have to thank my reader Carol for this suggestion! I actually saw it at Whole Foods last time I went, checked the ingredients and nutritional facts and decided it was a go for sure. The texture on this was thin, similar to normal yogurts. I added in some chia seeds to thicken it up a bit as I enjoy the thicker yogurts. Worked great. I could see how this would be a great addition to a smoothie as Carol had mentioned as well. I was happy to find an unsweetened plain non-dairy yogurt, my first score of such kind. I honestly didn’t mind the taste plain, but an addition of stevia and some berries definitely helped…

The price on this was a bit cheaper than other mentioned yogurts! Click here to see WildWood’s other vanilla flavor.

Low in sugar, high in potassium (390mg), calcium (30% DV), fiber, protein, and a few other vitamins and minerals as well. I must note that the serving for this yogurt is about twice that of the previously reviewed yogurts!

150 cal| 5g fat| 1g saturated fat| 0mg cholesterol | 100mg sodium | 21g carb| 8g dietary fiber| 3g sugar| 10g protein


I feel as if in a year or so non-dairy yogurts will have a larger variety for us to choose from. I have already seen several, but not too many unsweetened plain and lower sugar choices. I really do want to try them all, so I’ll be updating this post as time goes by.

If any of you guys have tried some, let me know!

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  1. FYI, Fresh and Easy has a non-dairy, unsweetened yogurt available that I found to be very vegan-friendly. It only has 3 grams of naturally-occurring sugars. It has live, active cultures also. The downside is the flavor–it is very bland and plain, however, it tastes wonderful if you add your own ingredients to it. I’ve used it in my fruit smoothies to give them more thickness and protein, and added mashed bananas, unsweetened applesauce, and honey. I believe the brand name of this yogurt is Wildwood. If you have a Fresh and Easy near you, you might want to check it out and let me know what you think.

    • Oh thank you Carol for this bit of info! Unfortunately I don’t have a Fresh and Easy near me (haven’t even heard of it until you mentioned it!) but I will definitely keep it in mind if I happen to stumble across one. Also knowing that there are options out there similar to what I’m looking for is great!
      The only thing close to me is Whole Foods and I know they sell Wildwood tofu, maybe one day they’ll sell the yogurt too. I’ll have to recommend that to them.
      Thanks again for the tip!

  2. Yesterday I bought Silk and So Delicious (greek and regular) yogurts to try. Thanks for this review, I want to try next the Green Valley and Wildwood you wrote about !

    • Great! I’m not really partial to Green Valley anymore considering they do use dairy yet add in the enzyme to help digest it, but maybe you’ll enjoy it. Definitely enjoyed wildwood. A bit runny but the taste was swell and I added in some chia seeds to the container to thicken it up a bit. Let me know how you like ‘em.

  3. Nice review! I’m looking for the same things you are, low sugar, as natural as possible. I tried a few of the above yogurts (Wildwood Plain, Amande Plain) plus So Delicious coconut yogurt. I also tried and liked Nancy’s Plain Soy Yogurt. They all have potential for different used in the kitchen, but I prefer the soy yogurts because soy has so much more protein than the other alternative milks.

    • Hey Mary! I’ve never heard of Nancy’s Yogurt, I’ll have to take your word and try it out! I agree, I enjoyed the soy yogurt the best..Probably because it had the least amount of sugar and I really enjoy the taste of plain soy..

  4. Just beware of Soy products because they increase the estrogen in your body and this isn’t good if you have had breast cancer that is estrogen based which a lot are.

    Soy should not be eaten more than once a week and do watch pout for those energy bars.

    • Good point Jennifer. I’ve also read studies disproving your statements in regards to estrogen and soy, but until the truth is evident, everything in moderation I say :)

  5. Thank you for this info. Iam new to all these since i recently went non-dairy by choice. I am trying to eat as natural as possible, low sugars, less processed but it is so hard to find this products where i live! i have been looking for non dairy yogurt at the store and nothing

    • Hmm, perhaps try going to the non-dairy company’s websites and checking out if they sell their products near you. At least in my area, non-dairy products are just about everywhere! Good luck :)

  6. Thank you for this!!! I was disappointed after going to Trader Joes and not finding any yogurt that was low in sugar and dairy free for my 7 month old. I am going to get the Wildwood yogurt today. Hope she likes it! :)

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