Procrastination at its finest. Thanks, Bio…

By on 4-22-2012

So I was thinking about some things in particular that are mandatory in my life. Also a slight procrastination from studying Bio all week long…

Some thoughts/feelings, some objects.

I am not usually one to hype about materialism, as I believe possessions are merely manipulative and minuscule compared to what life really has to offer, but these are the few things that I do own and am happy to have in my life. Without them I could survive, but these are my luxuries.

Just in case you were wondering ­čśë


-Chia Seeds.

 Highly beneficial to your health. They also are like magic to me. As they become gelatinous, they can make lovely puddings, thickeners, and crazy textures. Chia seeds are healthy and fun.


-Hemp Seeds.

Similar to chia with the Omegas, but I love hemp seeds as their own beings. Wonderful source of plant-based protein. You can add these seeds to basically anything. They are also fun, IMO.


-Amazing Grass: Green Superfood Powder and Wheat Grass Powder.

I’ve been meaning on writing a review about these two things, just need my schedule to be set free from classes. Summer is almost here =)

I’ve started taking these two powders everyday and never want to go back. I feel more than awesome. My body feels revitalized and happy.

Once you go green, you never go back. (Ha, I guess that could work…?)


-Unrefined Coconut Oil.

Has that hint of delicious coconut smell. Coconut is also like magic to me. Helps heal your body from sunburns and I heard it helps prevent sunburns too! Something I’m going to definitely try in the future.

I received a sunburn yesterday, outside all day and no sunscreen. My face was red when I got home, so I decided to rub some coconut oil on it. Within a few hours, the redness faded and then overnight, you couldn’t even tell I was out in the sun. Same ol’ pale goodness.

I’ve been using coco oil on my face regularly before bedtime as a moisturizer and I wake up with beautiful skin. I recommend you try it, I’m very happy with the results.

Gotta love the [healthy] fatty acids.

Make sure that your oil is “unrefined” and “cold-pressed.” The refined versions will be cheaper, but are void of the nutritional health benefits and healing qualities.


-Bon Iver.

I adore this band, even when I can’t understand the lyrics. Amazingly talented, Bon Iver always puts me into a better mood. Listening to Bon Iver when I’m having an off-day really improves my state of mind. Something about this music heals.

I’m even listening to it now =)


-Knowing that good people exist.

Sometimes in this world one can be surrounded by unfortunate situations and people to whom you’d never want to be around. The most inconsiderate, disrespectful, unkind, and unintelligent people. I’ve come to accept that these people exist, in what seems like large proportions unfortunately, and are everywhere.

What helps me through this is thinking about my family, my friends, and the people who I’ve come across randomly and on occasion, that have helped me or even helped another. That have shown me that there are people out there who want to improve this world, one small favor/gesture at a time. Even the littlest of actions stick with me.

Those who are in my life and have been in my life, who’ve made an impact on me for the better, I want to thank you.

I truly appreciate you.

One’s true character can be seen through their actions. I’m glad to have experienced the beauty from those certain people.



As much as I can enjoy the comforts of technology and other luxuries that this life has provided me, I need my nature. The foundation of what was, and still is (to me).

Nature provides me with the beautiful foods that I choose to fill my body with. To thrive on.

Nature provides me with animals, other funky creatures, and weird crap that’s unexplainable.

I love that stuff.


-Health and anything that heals.

As you may have noticed, I have a thing for being and feeling healthy. This is my core. It’s my life. Anything that can assist in healing my body and improving my health, I have much respect for.

This comes hand in hand with the next mandatory thing crucial to my survival:



Such a simple word, but a multitude of ways to describe it. Happiness is unique to all, some may not even fully have a grasp on it yet.

Is it a feeling? An action? A form of gratitude from such a beneficial deed?

Well whatever it is, Happiness is one of the things that truly will forever and always be significant to me.


I’m sure I could extend or even shorten this list, but this is what came to mind, while listening to Bon Iver and┬áprocrastinating studying for Bio.

These things popped into my head and I immediately was inspired to write a blog post about it.

Blogging and sharing my health and recipes with visitors friends really makes me feel good.

Perhaps some of these feelings can rub off on you. I certainly hope.

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  1. Putting coconut oil on your face sounds very interesting, I would be afraid it would cause breakouts though…comments on that? Do you use it on your hands or other body parts? Does your pillow case get all oily? ­čśë

    • I haven’t had an issue with breakouts or oiliness. I don’t put that much, just a super thin layer massaged into my face. It never looks oily and you cannot even tell there’s anything on.
      Yes, I use it everywhere that one would use a moisturizer. Oil doesn’t always correlate with break outs. Olive oil has been known to be an effective facial cleanser, that actually removes the oil build-up on your skin.
      Everyone is different of course, so there is always the possibility of a negative reaction. Just start with a little bit, and make sure it’s unrefined, cold pressed, etc.

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