The flavors in this smoothie pair so well. I found the almond extract to enhance the cherries and the combination of the two mellows the tartness of the pomegranate. This smoothie would make a great breakfast, snack, or simple treat since it has protein and fruit.


1/2 cup frozen cherries

1/2 cup pomegranate seeds

3 0z plain 0% greek yogurt

scant 1/4 tsp almond extract

1 scoop vanilla protein powder

2 tbsp wheat germ

choice of non-dairy milk to your consistency preferences

dash of stevia (optional, I omitted)


Combine all in a blender, I start with wet ingredients first. Blend until smooth, enjoy.

For thicker smoothies, tweak the greek yogurt and soy milk combo. More yogurt equals thicker consistency. Also adding chia seeds and letting sit for a bit in the fridge will give you a thicker concoction.



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